Meeting Your Expectations: What to Anticipate Before, During and After Treatment?

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18. Meeting Your Expectations: What to Anticipate Before, During and After Treatment?

David A. Schulsinger 

Department of Urology, Stony Brook Medicine, Stony Brook, NY, USA



David A. Schulsinger

Preparation for Your Stone Procedure

Prior to surgery, preparation for your procedure is critical. The following recommendations are suggested to make your procedure less stressful and more uneventful. When considering these options, think of MEDICALLY SAFE:


Medication: bring a list of all medications you take with you the day of the your pre-admission testing and procedure. This includes prescribed medication, over the counter (aspirin, ibuprofen) and nutritional supplements/vitamins (Vitamin E).



Emergency: be prepared for delays on the day of your procedure. You are having an electively scheduled procedure. Emergencies and extended periods of waiting can occur resulting in a potential delay of your procedure.



Driver: Always have a family member, friend, significant other, co-worker or acquaintance to be available to drive you home and stay with you after the procedure, as you may have impaired judgment or fatigue as a result of the anesthesia.



Instructions: Follow all medication instructions given to you by your physician and/or pre-surgical testing center, the morning of your procedure with a minimal amount of water.



Complimentary Medication: Please review any herbal supplements at your pre-operative visit. Stop taking Vitamin E, Fish Oils, Ginkgo biloba, 7 days prior.



Alcohol: do not drink any alcohol 24 hour prior to surgery. Abstain from smoking too.



Legal: Make sure your physician reviews with you an informed consent. Know the risks, benefits and alternatives of your procedure, which should be discussed with you by your physician before you go for any procedure/surgery.



Loot: leave all valuables, money, cell phones and iPads at home. Remove all jewelry and body piercings to prevent potential burns and for safety reasons.



Yield: if you are diabetic, do not take any oral medications for diabetes the morning of surgery. If you take Insulin, contact your health care provider for specific instructions. Do not take any anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Aleve, Motrin, Ibuprofen, and Naprosyn for 7 days prior to the procedure/surgery. Tylenol (Acetaminophen) is OK.

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