4 Reflex Point Treatment according to Chapman


4 Reflex Point Treatment according to Chapman


The Chapman reflex points are “gangliform contractions” in the deeper layers of the fascia. They can be described as small fascial tissue changes.

Their topographical location is relatively constant. They are associated with the internal organs.

Their location in and association with an organ are reproducible. Their existence has been substantiated by the empirical work of Chapman and Owens.

Location and Shape

The anterior reflex points are located in the intercostal spaces near the sternum. Here, we find the typical “gangliform contractions”: they are about half as big as an airgun pellet or roughly the size of a bean.

The reflex points in the pelvic region can also be similarly shaped, although some are stringlike formations or unformed dispersions.

The posterior reflex points are localized along the spinal column between the spinous processes and the ends of the transverse processes. It is rare for them to assume the form of a “gangliform contraction”; they feel more edematous and transmit a stringlike palpatory sensation in deeper layers than the anterior points.

Organs have both anterior and posterior reflex points. In some cases, reflex points for an organ are found bilaterally.

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